It is time for some updates on BI Book! The new BI Book release covers some major UI updates, additional forms functionalities, basic authentication, quality of life changes and bug fixes. The overall changelog is listed below. If you have any additional questions about the new features, don’t hesitate to reach out via BI Book’s chat or email. 


UI updates

     -   Added “Dashboard” section for personalized overview of the BI Book environment

  • Added report groups to analytics
  • Added analytics preview page
  • Added row level security field to company details
  • Added ability to hide “integrations” section in admin portal
  • Added subfolders to files and analytics



Quality of life changes


  • Added a company search bar to company selection
  • Added a forms search bar to forms
  • Added basic authentication as a login option
  • Changed the files filename display to better fit longer file names
  • Changed redirect during login from analytics to dashboard
  • Updated the UI when selecting a new folder with 10+ folders


Forms updates


  • Added total row to forms tables
  • Added option to fetch data to forms from database
  • Added better filtering options for tables and UI
  • Updated redirect url for forms


Bug fixes

  • Fixed Pipedrive activation process
  • Fixed incorrect links in some emails
  • Fixed data refresh issues
  • Fixed “Files” access bug
  • Fixed adding a form from dropdown