Sometimes visuals can get broken and display the image shown below instead of the actual visual.

The visual can get broken either due to technical issues or due to how the visual is being used. Sometimes it is really easy and fast to fix a broken visual and the error code can provide clues on how to do it. The error code can be accessed by clicking See details. Below are listed a few error codes and instructions on how to fix the visual based on the code. Please contact us at if the hints won't help and we'll fix the visuals for you, as it could be a technical issue.

'XXX' expects a contiguous selection

The error code containing 'expects a contiguous selection' means that you have selected a timeline with a gap in it. For example, the time selected in the picture below is not contiguous due to the fact that the years 2018 - 2020 are not selected but 2017 and  2021 are. You fix the problem by selecting a contiguous timeline.