Our reports are refreshed once a day but sometimes you may need to refresh one more often. 

Things to consider before refreshing a report

The underlying datasets must first be refreshed. Refreshing a report but not the data data will not give you a new report. This means you need first to refresh the database and then report to get new data from a BI Book linked source. To refresh a database please refer to this article. You currently need a BI Book premium license to refresh a report, meaning you need to have access to the underlying workspace. You currently can not refresh a report by yourself without a premium license but by contacting support we can do it for you. 

Refreshing the report using a BI Book license

The license is basically a Power BI Pro license meaning you simply login to the Power BI service that is connected to BI Book and navigate to the database you wish to refresh and press refresh. Once your report has refreshed in the Power BI service it will automatically be updated in BI Book.