The Dataroom acts as an additional data warehouse for BI Book. It is hugely useful and user-friendly when you in BI Book need to store reporting data, including, for example, forecast and budget Excels. The Dataroom consists of some tailor made ready to be used forms where you can easily fill in data which will be added to your report.

Instructions to using Dataroom

  1. The Dataroom functionality has to be activated by our support. Please contact us at and we'll open the Dataroom section in your BI Book environment 
  2. Once it has been enabled you can find it on the upper part of your BI Book environment
  3. Let us know what kind of data you would like to add to your report and we'll construct the form according to it and add it to your Dataroom
  4. Once it has been added by us you cab start to fill in data by clicking Edit next to it
  5. Remember to click Save when you are done filling in the form and the data will automatically be added to your report

Editing who has access to forms

You can both edit existing BI Book users' access rights to forms or when adding a new user to BI Book. To edit an existing user go to Company management > Users and click Edit on the person whose access to the Dataroom you wish to edit. 

Choose which forms the user has access to in the Forms drop-down menu in the window that pops up and click Save.

Also, when adding a new user to BI Book you can give the user access to forms in the window that pops up.


If you cannot edit users's access to forms check that 1) you are logged in as an admin user and 2) that you have Dataroom enabled for this particular company.