The Files section in BI Book is hugely useful and user-friendly if you in BI Book need to connect own files to it. These files can also be easily replaced with updated files.

Instructions to using Files

Adding a file

  1. The Files functionality have to be activated by our support. Please contact us at and we'll open the Files page in your BI Book environment.
  2. You can add the new file by going to Files > Files and clicking Add file.
  3. Add the name of the file, the folder you want to assign the file to and an optional description. The Default folder is chosen by default but can be changed if you have created folders, see instructions under the subtitle Folders. Click Browse to choose the file you want add. Finally click Upload.   
  4. Now you have added a file to BI Book! One of our data analysts still have to create the connection to your report and make sure that it runs smoothly.

Files functionalities

You have four buttons for different functions you can use for the file on the right-hand side of a file 

  • Perhaps the most useful function for files is the Replace function. You can replace/update old files by using it. Note that the structure of the new file has to be the same as the old one. You can replace a file by going to the file you want to replace and click Replace. Click Browse in the window that pops up choose the new file you want to use. Remember to click Save.
  • Another one is download. You can download the file by clicking Download.
  • You can edit the file's name, the folder it belongs to and its description by clicking Edit. Remember to click Save once you are done editing.
  • Finally, you can edit a file by clicking Delete.


You can create folders to store your files in. One folder can contain multiple files. Folders can be used for example for a certain project or if you want to give access to certain files only for certain users. 

  • You create folders by going to Files > Folders > Create Folder. You add the name for the folder in the window that pops up. Remember to click Save.
  • You can edit who has access to a folder by going to Company management > Users > Edit. You can edit the folders the user has access to under folders in the window that pops up. Remember to click Save once you are done.

Files' API documentation

Documentation about the Files can be found API documentation can be found here or by going in BI Book to Company Management > API Keys > API documentation.