Anyone in your organization can build, access, and share reports with different user rights - you can limit which parts of the reports others will see. This article introduces BI Book's three types of user roles and the rights they have as well as how you can edit the roles of users.

Three different user roles


  • User can add and delete users, edit user roles and reports and set up integrations


  • User can view and edit reports


  • User can view reports

You can see your own user role from the top bar.

Editing user rights

Follow these easy steps to edit the role of a user:

  1. Log in to BI Book with administrative rights
  2. Go to Company management, Users and click Edit on the user whose role you want to edit
    1. You can see a user's current role in the Role column
  3. You can edit the user's role in the window that pops up as well as the reports the user has access to
  4. Remember to click Save once you are done