Lemonsoft is a great accounting software solution but it still requires in-depth analytics, and that's where Power BI / BI Book comes in. Read more about BI Book's Lemonsoft integration on our website. 


Connecting Lemonsoft to BI Book

Your Lemonsoft can either be hosted in the cloud or locally. That's why connecting analytics is dependent on how your Lemonsoft is hosted. 

Connecting to a cloud version of Lemonsoft

To connect to a cloud hosted instance of Lemonsoft you need to order a staging database from the Lemonsoft team. This can be done with our support or by yourself. The staging database will incur some costs to you from Lemonsoft's side, typically less than €1000 for the setup and €100 monthly recurring. The Lemonsoft support will then send us the credentials to the stage database and we will then take it from there.  

Connecting to an on-premise version of Lemonsoft

To connect to an on-premise version you need to get access to:

  1. the network the server is hosted on
  2. the server the database is hosted on
  3. the database itself

The credentials needed vary on your IT setup but normally we will need your IT provider to send us VPN access to your network or whitelist our internal IP address. We will also need the IP address or the name of the server, the name of the Lemonsoft database, as well as your username and password to connect to the database, preferably only with reader rights.