Sympa is one of the most widely used HR and payroll systems in Finland. However, like other HR systems, Sympa offers relatively little analytics related to the metrics that HR typically monitors. That's where integrating Power BI / BI Book comes in. Read more about BI Book's Sympa integration on our website.

Instructions on how to connect Sympa to BI Book

The Sympa API is rather complicated and the integration tends to fail if you don't have experience of it. Therefore, we recommend you to let us do the integration for you (see the steps below. 

  1. Create Admin-level rights for us in your own Sympa environment
  2. These will be delivered to us by encrypted email to
  3. We log in to the client's Sympa with Admin credentials and create
    1. the interface and activate it
    2. an API key
  4. We will inform you when we have done these
  5. You remove from Sympa the Admin IDs created for us
    1. However, please note that the API key must not be deleted