Leadfeeder is a great website visitor tracking software solution but it still requires in-depth analytics, and that's where Power BI / BI Book comes in. Read more about BI Book's Leadfeeder integration on our website.

Instructions on how to connect Leadfeeder to BI Book

To get started, generate and provide us with your API key:  

Most, if not all, of the web service methods require you to provide an API key. The API key is a unique string used to identify which unit the call is made for. The unit is an organizational entity in Leadfeeder (organization / company).

NB You need to have a BI Book account to be able to connect your Leadfeeder data to BI Book. Please refer to these instructions if you do do not have a BI Book account. Also note that you need a Premium subscription in Leadfeeder to be able to generate your own API key.

  1. Log in to Leadfeeder with administrative rights
  2. Your personal Leadfeeder API key is available in your personal settings under API tokens. Alternative access it via this link
  3. The next step will differ depending on whether you at an earlier occasion already have generated an API key or not. If a key has already been created, copy the API key by clicking on the button to the right of the one that looks like an eye to . If not, click Add new token and then copy the key.
  4. Paste the API key to the BI Book integration window on BI Book from here and choose the Leadfeeder integration
  5. The User Account ID field is optional. You get every user account's data by leaving it blank. However, if you only wish to get the data of specific users then add their user account ID's separated by semicolons as shown below. 
    1. Your user account ID can be found in your Leadfeeder browser's address bar
  6. .The integration will start automatically, but the report will need to be published manually after the data has been retrieved. The activation can take up to a few hours, depending on the amount of data your account contains. Do not try to reactivate. Please be in contact to us when you want to activate your report. 

LeadfeederAPI documentation

The connection is used by us only to get data, not to change or add data to Leadfeeder. This data is updated once a day. Please check out Leadfeeder's own API reference if you wish to learn more about the subject at