Visma Severa is a modern and visual professional services automation tool that brings together CRM, work-hour entries, projects, and invoices. It still requires in-depth analytics, and that's where Power BI / BI Book complement it perfectly. You can read more about the benefits of BI Book's Severa integration on our website.

Instructions on how to connect Severa to BI Book

To get started, generate and provide us with your client ID and client secret:  

The process of activating the Severa interface is described below. This follows Severa's own documentation, which can also be followed to complete the steps. This can be found at

Also note that you need to have a BI Book account to be able to connect your Severa data to BI Book. Please refer to these instructions if you do do not have a BI Book account.  

  1. Log in to Severa with administrative rights
  2. Next, activate the the Visma Severa REST API upgrade
    1. This can be done from Settings -> Upgrades -> Enable Visma Severa REST API
  3. After enabling the upgrade, open up the Settings tab again
  4. The Integrations section should now be visible
    1. Click on the REST API section and continue to creating client credentials
    2. If the REST API menu is not visible, either the activation has not been performed successfully or you’re not logged in as the administrator
  5. When the REST-API section opens, next click Create client credentials. The following things are filled in here:
    1. Integration target system -> BI Book (for example)
    2. Integration description -> BI Book Severa Reporting (for example)
    3. Contact person -> Logged in user - automatically selected
    4. Click to open Select API scopes
      1. Select ALL scopes that says :read
        1. activities:read
        2. settings:read

        3. customers:read

        4. users:read

        5. invoices:read

        6. fees:read

        7. travels:read

        8. organization:read

        9. projects:read

        10. files:read

        11. hours:read

    5. Now click the Apply button first to save the scopes and then the Save button. The scopes determine what information can be retrieved through the interface.

    6. After saving, the Client ID and Client secret window appears.

  6. Copy and paste both to their respective fields in the BI Book integration window from here and choose the Severa integration.
  7. Press Connect Service. The integration will start automatically and the report will be published as soon as the data has been retrieved. This can take up to a few hours, depending on the amount of data your account contains. Do not try to reactivate. Please be in contact if the report is not available within two hours.