Fortnox is one of the market leaders in accounting in Sweden, but it still requires in-depth analytics, and that's where Power BI / BI Book comes in.

Instructions on how to connect Fortnox to BI Book

To get started, generate and provide us with your API key:  

Most, if not all, of the web service methods require you to provide an API key. The API key is a unique string used to identify which unit the call is made for the unit is an organizational entity in Fortnox (organization/company). 

NB You need to have a BI Book account to be able to connect your Fortknox data to BI Book. Please refer to these instructions if you do not have a BI Book account. 

  1. Log in to Fortnox with administrative rights:
  2. Click your company name and select "Administrera användare"A screenshot of a cell phone 
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  3. In the bottom of the page are all the integrations from there select the orange button “+LÄGG TILL INTEGRATION”
    1. A screenshot of a social media post 
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  4. A popup will appear. Insert this Client-Id “VOn9Y507mRyg” in the box and press the Enter-key
    1. A screenshot of a cell phone 
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  5. After pressing the Enter-key a list of rights for the integration will be shown. Select “GODKÄNN”
    1. A screenshot of a cell phone 
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  6. After this an API code will be shown (under the black bar we have in this photo). Copy it with the button next to it Graphical user interface, text, application 
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    1. If you did not copy the API-key, you can copy it again by pressing the image of a key under the “API-KOD” column and the previous popup will be shown
  7. You now have your API key! Log into BI Book if you already have an existing BI Book account.
  8. Click "Management" on the left-hand sidebar and then choose "integrations."
  9. Look for the Fortnox integration and click the small button next to it. (See the instruction picture below)

10. This window will open after clicking the small button, and you can add the copied API key now. After adding the API key, click "save."

11.The integration will start automatically and the report will be published as soon as the data has been retrieved. This can take up to a few hours, depending on the amount of data your account contains. Do not try to reactivate. Please be in contact if the report is not available within two hours.

  1. The status of the integration can be seen from Fortnox's own “STATUS” column

    1. It will change to activated once we start to use the API-key

Read more about BI Book's Fortnox integration on our website.