Adding a user in BI Book is super easy, just follow these simple steps.

Adding a user

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Adding a user

  • Log in to BI Book as a user with admin rights. 
  • Go to Company Management and choose the Users tab (alternatively navigate directly to the page)
  • Press Invite User
  • Fill in the fields as follows:
    • User Name: A text field which will be the users display name
    • Email: The email address the user will authenticate with
    • New User Role: Either "Reader", "Editor" or "Admin". Please refer to Different user rights for more details on which to choose.
    • Reports: If no reports are added, the user will by default get access to all reports
    • Folders: Refers to the folders in the Files section. Choose which folders the user has access to
    • Forms: Refers to the forms in the Dataroom section. Choose which forms the user has access to 
  • Press Send invite
  • The user will receive an email welcoming them and will be able to log in right away 

FAQ and Errors

  • User cannot log in: Please see login errors for more details